Friday, May 26, 2006

First Love

"Plaisir d'amour ne dure qu'un moment
Chagrin d'amour dure toute la vie."

I found the above lyrics, part of an 18th century French song by J.P.A. Martini, which I learned in elementary school, to be very fitting for this week's Sunday Scribblings prompt.

This week, I would like to share a poem I wrote a number of years ago that I feel pretty much sums up my thoughts on my "first love":

Our Box of Haunting Memories
Our box lies temptingly there.
No, I can't.
Haunting memories will return.
Oh, I must.
Those browning photographs.
Just this once.
The thoughtful greeting cards.
Here I go.
Beautiful images come to life.
There she is.
She was sitting by the fountain.
By my side.
Reflections of her moonlit face.
Oh, so sweet.
Birthdays, Christmases, Valentines.
My heart stops.
Tears were in her lovely eyes.
I awake.
Haunting memories in my mind.
She is gone.


NuttersNotes said...

Thanks for that, John. Yes, we all do have that little box/envelope/stash of things that we can't get rid of and probably shouldn't revisit....or should we? Timeless question.

Thanks for opening up the treasure chest

Anonymous said...

3 words: Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

Annie Jeffries said...

Your words remind me of things I had that I once upon a time gave up. Time has taught me not to miss them or want them anymore. The visuals only keep the memories alive.

Brad said...

someone once said... "there is no room inside a box. there is no room inside. No room for you, no room for me, no room inside a box. Don't put GOD inside a box."

John, you have used the poem as a reminder for me to step outside the box. Thanks!


Mimey said...

I had a box like that once. A Russian chocolate box. Only full of words, but still a powerful evoker of lust past. I expected to find myself liberated by destroying the contents. I didn't though.

Thank You, Jemima x

Anonymous said...

Heartbreaking...and beautiful.

papyrus said...

I love the way you evoke the atmosphere of all these memories.

Kim G. said...

Lovely words to express the heart of love in the midst of loss. Thanks for sharing it!

Unknown said...

Very powerful. I like the meter. You say so much on how what you have effects you.

Verity said...

Heartstopping. Beautiful.