Friday, February 27, 2009

Our Moon

(Sung to the song, "The Moon Represents My Heart", made famous in Asia by Teresa Teng, 1953-1995; remade by Kenny G.; my favourite is the piano rendition - videos below the lyrics)

Tonight, our moon
So brightly shines
The love that's in your eyes

Love that never dies
Let the tears subside
Soon our hearts will beat as one

Tonight, our moon
So brightly shines
The warmth deep from your heart

Hold your hand in mine
Take me to your heart
That is where my soul belongs

True love in our twilight
Let this feeling never end
Your love under moonlight
Want to tell the world I love you

Tonight, our moon
So brightly shines
The road that leads to you

When I hold you tight
Twilight to the night
Makes our moon ever so bright

Sing, sing a love that's strong
Let this music never end
Listen, this tune's our song
In the twilight we will dance

Tonight, our moon
So brightly shines
The beauty of your face

Just one kiss of your lips
A cup of coffee, many sips
Taste from heaven up above

Never ever fly away
If you ever lose your way
Let our moon show you to my heart

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dandelion: Acrostic

Do you feel I
Not a flower?
Do you
Envy my
I love you
Only more

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Monday, February 16, 2009


Thought I saw you.





Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day Acrostic

A bit late and corny, but oh well... it was for Valentine's Day!

Visions of you
Always fill me with
Even when you're
Not in
The mood!
Ever sad
Seeing you

Darling is
All I ever
Yearn to do.

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Please Come Again!

I have to share a story that happened today. My son, Justin, decided to go snowboarding for the very first time in his life. He went over to his uncle's place to sleep over yesterday so that they could get a head start today. My wife and I stayed in town because of a birthday celebration with some friends.

As we were finishing up dim sum with our friends, shortly after noon, I got a call from my brother. He and Justin were heading back. Justin had fallen near the end of his lesson and hurt his arm. The medics at the slopes bandaged him up but suggested an x-ray be taken as a precaution in case it was fractured or broken.

We decided it would best for them to head back into town rather go to another city further north. With that, we headed to the hospital where we were to meet the two snowboarders.

Of course, at the hospital, there was no free parking. In fact, not only was the parking not free, the parking fee was exorbitantly high, but that's another rant I'll have to write about another time. After paying the eighteen-buck maximum fee (the alternative was $4 per half hour!), a receipt was dispersed.

Aside from the usual listing of the fee, taxes and disclaimers about lost items, it also read:

Thank you! Please come again!

Nice, isn't it?

The hospital parking loves our business!

After four hours in the emergency triage, we got a five minute assessment from a resident, who suggested Justin get an x-ray.

No, really?

The x-ray confirmed that Justin's wrist was indeed broken. The doctors installed a plastered cast on his arm, but said that was only temporary. We are to bring Justin back for a fibre glass replacement on Friday. In other words, "please come again!"

The hospital parking loves our business!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


For some ideas, I decided to look up "sports" in a reputable dictionary. I decided to check out the Merriam-Webster dictionary. I didn't really get "sports" but I did get "sport" and I was shocked to learn a couple of things:
  • sports can be really enjoyable (!)
  • writing this blog is a sport (hint: it's my source of diversion)

See the definition of sport from Merriam-Webster:[2]

I was talking to my son Justin some time ago. I told him I used to be able to do that kung fu move where you're on your back and you flip onto your feet with one push. Justin laughed his head off in disbelieve. He seriously thought I was pulling his leg! I really have to find a way to prove to him that I used to be very athletic. In fact, I was a champion runner and jumper. I need to dig up those medals from, so, so many years ago.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Slithering through my mind
My bow moves from tip to base
Smooth notes my fingers find
Deep vibes boom from my bass

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These Numbers!

These numbers
They dance madly
Through my head
End up in
A weird function
Whose limit reaches

A zero pops up
Starts to multiply
Like viruses
It creates itself
Destroys those ones
Divide and conquer

Vectors poke through
From dimensions
Higher than three
My brain explodes
Collapses inversely
By factors of pi

These numbers
They never stop
Their dirty tricks
Become complex
In my fertile mind
Jumbled in utter

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Thursday, February 05, 2009


Stared at the thing
For many a minute

Seemed to stare back
Then looked away

For the life of me
Couldn't figure it out

Not a clue what it was
But liked staring at it
That thing!
That thing!

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Monday, February 02, 2009

The Blogsphere

Tell me a story of
Hope and

Blasts of
Love and
Oodles of
Shining through each
Paragraph of
Humanity and
Everlasting truth that
Reverberates in

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Bright red

Bright red

Bright red

Bright red

Bright red



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