Friday, August 01, 2008

Triple T is in the House!

I can't believe it's already August, 2008, Justin has surpassed my height - no great feat (!!) but for an almost-twelve-year-old, not bad, and Tristin has come into our lives with subtle fanfare and is almost three months old!

After almost twelve years and numerous failed attempts, we are finally blessed with Tristin Taylor Tran. I'm proud to say, Tristin is very talkative for an almost-three-month old. I swear I heard him almost say "Daddy" the other day. Maybe I'm just a proud father with expectations!

Though it may seem we are starting all over again with such a big gap, there are definite advantages. For one, Tristin has an older brother who's excellent at feeding and entertaining him. Someday, just someday, Justin may even help with the diapers!

Tristin's cuteness is unparalleled.

I wish I could capture how Tristin sneezes on video. When Tristin feels a sneeze coming on, he lets out this huge AH, waits half a second as if to give us a warning sign, and then finally outputs a tiny achoo (or more like, a-chee)! It is the funniest sneeze I have ever seen. He kind of gets that from my dad, whose AH-CHOO is one of the loudest I have ever heard.

Then, there's the warning sign of a burp coming after his feeding. Maybe we're reading too much into it, but each time before he needs to burp, Tristin would say "arrrg". We would then sit him upright and pat him on the back. Within seconds, Tristin would belch out a burp. This would be followed by great fanfare from his mom. "Good job!"... "Wow!" A big smile would then come across Tristin's face, with a slight nod of his head in a shy way.

Feeding is a big deal for Tristin. It cannot be delayed! There is no mistaking when he gets hungry. He won't stop reminding us until he gets what he wants. I hope this is not a sign of things to come!

Oh, I hear cries... feeding time!