Sunday, April 26, 2015

Too Long

A friend of mine just chatted with me about her blogging experience and how she would like to start another blog.  This chat has brought me back to my own blog here, which I have left without an entry for almost three years.  But coming back here has re-ignited my interest in writing.

Looking back at my past entries, I now wonder, "what the heck was I thinking?" A modern proverbial LOL.

Nonetheless, reading my own drivel did bring me back to those moments where I sat down each week to "pen" something, whether it be for a writing challenge or simply to express what was on my mind.  I remember how therapeutic the writing experiences were.

So, with this post, I hope to give this passion of mine a reboot.

See you soon, whomever you might be, who might happen to stumble upon this blog.