Friday, February 27, 2009

Our Moon

(Sung to the song, "The Moon Represents My Heart", made famous in Asia by Teresa Teng, 1953-1995; remade by Kenny G.; my favourite is the piano rendition - videos below the lyrics)

Tonight, our moon
So brightly shines
The love that's in your eyes

Love that never dies
Let the tears subside
Soon our hearts will beat as one

Tonight, our moon
So brightly shines
The warmth deep from your heart

Hold your hand in mine
Take me to your heart
That is where my soul belongs

True love in our twilight
Let this feeling never end
Your love under moonlight
Want to tell the world I love you

Tonight, our moon
So brightly shines
The road that leads to you

When I hold you tight
Twilight to the night
Makes our moon ever so bright

Sing, sing a love that's strong
Let this music never end
Listen, this tune's our song
In the twilight we will dance

Tonight, our moon
So brightly shines
The beauty of your face

Just one kiss of your lips
A cup of coffee, many sips
Taste from heaven up above

Never ever fly away
If you ever lose your way
Let our moon show you to my heart


SandyCarlson said...

Let the moon be your guide!

Bruce Miller said...

your new lyrics fit this beautiful song so smoothly \!/

Amias (ljm and liquidplastic) said...

John they are all beautiful, but I love Teng's voice .. it so calming. Thanks for sharing this.

Sandra.if said...

that is very beautiful!