Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Books I Would Write...

I'm very grateful to Sunday Scripplings for inspiring me to write every week, albeit this week a little off the Sunday mark.

The other sources of inspiration are the people around me. In my profession, I get to meet people from all walks of life. This is why I love what I do. If and when I were to contemplate writing a book (forget about "books" for now - just "a book" would be a dream!), I would write about the struggles of the people who have crossed my path. I would give a voice to the voiceless. I would shine a light on those who find themselves living in the shadows. I would derive and share the inspiration from those who seem to shine brightly.

The book would not be about me, but perhaps I can find a little bit of me in the stories of those around me.

I recently met a lady I'll call Ms. H., who is a widowed mom of five children. Ms. H. finds herself living in a government housing complex raising her five children. She is a loyal worker for meager wages. She looks beautiful at fifty-something. At a recent birthday dinner for a friend, she conjured up the strength to be the happiest person alive. She laughed and laughed, and drank and drank. However, deep inside, she was thinking about her husband; her children and their future; her future. Ms. H., tell me about you and how you derive your strength... I want to know everything.

I met Mr. N. some time ago. Mr. N. is a builder with a checkered past. Through the testimony from his friends, he is a changed man; a family man. Mr. N. is someone who will say whatever is on his mind, sometimes to his own detriment. He is a loyal friend, his new gang of friends will assert. He is often misjudged, but he is who he is. Mr. N., tell me about you, your old gang of friends, and how you left your checkered past...

I have met individuals whose families have "made it big". They give me inspiration of a more materialistic sort. I want to write about their struggles, their history and how they they became.

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