Friday, April 14, 2006

Ten Ways To Better Health

While shopping in one of the numerous Chinese malls in Toronto, I came across a rice bowl with the following inscription, in both Chinese and English, that gave me a joyful moment of zen:

Ten Ways To Better Health
Less Alcohol, More Tea
Less Meat, More Vegetables
Less Salt, More Vinegar
Less Sugar, More Fruit
Less Eating, More Chewing
Less Words, More Action
Less Greed, More Giving
Less Worry, More Sleep
Less Driving, More Walking
Less Anger, More Laughter

Then I thought, wouldn't it be great to come up with a few more? Here are some that came to my mind:

Less Hate, More Love
Less War, More Peace
Less Sitting, More Dancing
Less Television, More Reading
Less Drugs, More Herbs
Less Judging, More Accepting
Less Arguing, More Listening

If you are so inclined, leave me a comment to add to the list!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Everyone should have one of these rice bowls.