Sunday, April 23, 2006

How to Please a Woman with Chocolate

If a diamond says forever and flowers say beautiful, chocolate must say sweet, sweet, sweet! Chocolate alludes a sense of indulgence that leaves a sweet after taste, like the warmth of longing after a passionate embrace. By the twilight of a lazy evening, under soft moonlit piano melodies, a small morcel of chocolate fed to a lover's lips with a gentle caress of fingers' tips, melts more than the sweet stuff. Not a word needs to be said.


Annie Jeffries said...

No indeed. Not a single word is need. Not at all. You've GOT it John.

paris parfait said...

Lovely imagery; few women could resist!

Brad said...


I love you man!

I will indulge in some Nutella on panini in your name!

You da' man!


Anonymous said...


Left-handed Trees... said...

Such a short but sweet post...I think you're on to something!

John E. Tran said...

Thanks for all the comments!

Mr. Brad, are you going to share some of that Nutella panini? :)


Jennifer S. said...

very romantic!