Sunday, July 05, 2009


Is it human to feel serenity in the power of cello music in the dark car cabin, as the voiceless GPS device projects each turn onto a dark background? That was the feeling I had last night as I navigated through the streets to find my reacquainted friend's home. I was used to a voice guiding me to the destination, but this night, there was no voice, only cello music. The lights from the street lamps outside provided a sense of romanticism. Thoughts of reminiscence and fantasy flashed through my mind like the scenes from a movie. When I arrived, the music had ceded to the Bluetoothed voice of my friend on the car's speakers, asking me to come on up.

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Dee Martin said...

nice image from words and nice images in your slideshow!

The Dating Game

Linda May said...

Yes I reckon it is human. I hope you enjoyed your visit.

John E. Tran said...

Thanks Dee and Linda.

I enjoy this friend's company. She's an emotionally intellectual person. We had tea, talked a bit, finished off some paperwork we were working and I left, heading back to the music in the cabin of my car. This time, it was opera on the station - epic.