Sunday, December 28, 2008


Sprinkle some stardust over me
For I want to shine, shine, shine!
Sprinkle them stardust, busy bee
It is my moment, mine, mine, mine!

Stardust falling, flake after flake
Starry eyed, I dance, dance, dance!
Stardust calling, my stage to take
Applause, applause, fans, fans fans!

A bow to stardust, twinkling above
A look up to the sky, sky, sky!
I love you stardust, nothing but love
You give me power to fly, fly, fly!

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SandyCarlson said...

Oh, the magic of stardust to transform life into a dream!

Deborah Godin said...

This is so delightfully earnest! I really enjoyed it.

Linda Jacobs said...

The repetitions feel like dancing! I love the exuberance in this poem!

gautami tripathy said...

so very sweet!

playing for pleasing the moon

And welcome to Poetry Train.

Tumblewords: said...

Love how you transformed ephemeral stardust into a personal flight. Great!

Julia Phillips Smith said...

So sweet!

I've popped over here from Linda Jacobs' blog. I had a friend from film school (Ryerson, actually) named John Tran - how weird is that?

Jill said...

I want to stardust now!

lissa said...

oooh, like a song, what a fun read!

gautami tripathy said...

BTW, I linked this post to poetry train. You hasd forgotten to leave the link.

floreta said...

very nice! i picture a sparkly person on stage!

Pam said...

Your poem feels like child's play-- full of big dreams and magic wishes. Well done.

Anonymous said...

So exuberant--makes me feel like dancing!

Andy Sewina said...

I wish I could fly, fly, fly!

Melody said...

I have two images with this poem,one of snowflakes falling and the other of a star on stage! I really enjoyed reading your Stardust, thanks.

Gel said...

Your energy and enthusiasm is contagious! Here via Poetry Train.
I Want to Hold Your Hand

Beth P. said...

your 15 minutes of fame are being used well in this poem!!

thanks for this--nice to see you here on OSI!

Anonymous said...

ha this one is a lot like a song lyric.. I can imagine it being sung... I turn my poems into songs sometimes. Nice one


Luke @ WordSalad

(mine are here-

Anonymous said...

real fun reading this!

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

Thanks for the love 4 potluck.
Happy Wednesday!
awards/treats for you.

TALON said...

I love the imagery and the energy and the longing.