Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Forever Grateful

In my younger days, I used to wonder why my parents didn't take more risks when they were younger. I used to think they could have been something much greater. They could have started a business. They could have invested more aggressively. They could have had so much more.

But, I always end up bringing myself back to how they risked everything to leave a country they knew so well but a war-torn country that was a deterrent to its people; to how they risked theirs and their family's well being by stepping onto that boat destined for dreams; to how they did the best they could in a harsh refugee camp for four months; to them fairing so well during their interview with the Canadian immigration official that he approved our application to come to this wonderful country without much hesitation; to them stepping foot on a totally unfamiliar land with not a penny to their names; to them providing the essentials and more to their two sons the best they could have in their low income jobs; and to their unending encouragement that is always a generation behind but nevertheless relevant.

They have done more than I could ever ask for. I will be forever grateful for without my parents I would be nowhere.

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Marcy said...

A very nice tribute to your parents, John. Time will always give you a perfect perspective, if you will allow it.