Friday, October 13, 2006


I am born! I am born!
I can't talk or walk
I have until one

I am one! I am one!
I can't read or write
I have until four.

I am four! I am four!
I can't play the piano well
I have until ten.

I am ten! I am ten!
I can't shop on my own
I have until forteen.

I am forteen! I am forteen!
I can't drive a car
I have until sixteen.

I am sixteen! I am sixteen!
I can't have a glass of wine
I have until nineteen

I am nineteen! I am nineteen!
I don't have my degree
I have until twenty-five

I am twenty-five! I am twenty-five!
I am not yet the boss
I have until thirty

I am thirty! I am thirty!
I am not debt-free
I have until forty

I am forty! I am forty!
I don't have a million
I have until fifty-five

I am fifty-five! I am fifty-five!
I haven't travelled the world
I have until ninety-five

I am ninety-five! I am ninety-five!
I don't have much time
I have until I die

I die! I die!
I have eternity.

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Annie Jeffries said...

Hi John, Just dropping in and noticed you had not been around for a couple of weeks. What's happening? And just as a by the way, I like the very upbeat ending to this piece. Annie