Wednesday, August 02, 2006

"My Dad Is Stronger Than Your Dad"

Watching the tragic situation between Israel and Hezbollah reminds me of primary school days in the 80's. In the playground, I occasionally witnessed exchanges between kids about how each's father is stronger or better in some way than the other's father, or variations thereof, escalating until both fathers gain superduper-indestructible-godlike-hero status. I guess the big difference is that after a few of these exchanges, one or both of the kids would end up saying "whatever!" and go back to playing tag or catch or whatever they were playing together (ok, ok, I have to admit, sometimes bunches were thrown).

A similar conversation between Israel and Hezbollah in the playground called Lebanon today might be something like this:

Hezbollah: Oh yah, if you take my people, I'm going to take your soldiers!
Israel: Oh Yah! Well, I'm going to bomb you till you can't take my people anymore!
Hezbollah: Oh YAH! Go ahead and try. I'm going to bomb you back!!
Israel: OH YAH!! I don't care. I have bigger and more bombs than you!!
Hezbollah: OH YAH!!! I'm going to bring my friends and then watch out, you bully!!!
Israel: No, you are the bully - you started first!!!!
Hezbollah: No! You started first!!!!
Israel: NO! You did!!!!!
Hezbollah: NO!! You did!!!!
Israel: You!!
Hezbollah: You!!
Israel and Hezbollah at the same time: NO, YOU!!!! Kaboom!!!

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Annie Jeffries said...

Oh John, how tragically funny. Such madness. I have not felt this insecure about the state of the world since the Cuban Missle Crisis. I was 15 when that happened.