Wednesday, July 12, 2006

When Will It All End?

When will the world understand that this is 2006, not BC 2006? With so many thousands of years of history, one would think that man would learn to stop mercilessly killing one another. Train bombings, air strikes, planes into occupied buildings, live burials, beheadings, wife killings, and on and on. Have people gone mad? Why are some so entrenched in a believe that nothing else and no one else matter?

Perhaps the universe by its very nature is violent. After all, it began with a Big Bang. Could it be that some of this energy has carried forward to life? I am too afraid to think of the consequences if the violence ends. Will the universe end too, if violence ends? Could the universe end the same way it was born? With a Big Bang?

Too many perhapses and too many questions.

Just one more: when will it all end?


Anonymous said...

Hey John, you don't post very often do you?
Lots of questions and it's scary to think where we are going, where this path will lead us. Even those of us who are not violent, may be dragged down due to the breadth of the weapons the world has at its disposal now.

Annie Jeffries said...

Such an anguished post Jet and I feel it with you. If more people asked these questions perhaps we would have less of this painful reality we inflict upon ourselves.