Saturday, June 17, 2006

Spaceship Bed

To spaceship bed

Destined tonight
To colour

Time comes to us
Takes us

Passes through
With all the fuss

Nothing ahead
Makes any

Gladly served
On spaceship bed

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AscenderRisesAbove said...

very much enjoyed your little poem; peaceful thoughts to fall asleep to

Kim G. said...

A spaceship bed? My son would love one of those! Rocket boosters and all!

Very good poem about the mystery of dreams. Thanks for sharing it.

Jamie said...

Oh, I like this, John! What a fun rhythm and playful poem.

Unknown said...

Great fun poem! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

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Annie Jeffries said...

Roch-A-Bye star rating? A big FOUR!!

Anonymous said...

LOVELY, LOVELY!! I always look forward to your scribblings,and I'm never disappointed! Really liked this.

Jingle said...

super lovely, my friend.
Thanks for sharing it with potluck...

Linda Jones Malonson said...

Spaceship bed and the color red ... a very interesting combination and thought provoking.

Anonymous said...

love the economy of words here, also the tercet structure, and the way you have symmetrically mirrored line-lengths. Like this one a lot. The rhyme adds to it also.



Anonymous said...

the zig zaggy formation is nice but i hope the ride inside the spaceship does not.. (just kiddin!) nice write bro!